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Pending Minicabit’s review for your Cab firm to fulfil parcel deliveries.

For any queries or changes regarding your account, please email (open weekdays 9.00am - 5.30pm)

Any requests for account changes require min. 1 weekday’s notice. Still need to speak to an Account Manager?


  • Make sure to check whether job is cash or prepaid. If customer requests extra stops or any other requirements not previously specified then it is up to you to collect the cash from them.
  • Cancellations must be done by the customers through minicabit and you must inform the customers of this.
  • Your cars are expected to be available within one hour’s notice plus lead-time for the bookings we send you. Please note you are automatically committed to fulfil the bookings we send you, based on the pricing and availability criteria you’ve already set.
  • You must wait for 15 minutes free of charge as per our terms and conditions and it is then up to you to negotiate waiting time payment with the customer. Alternatively, if you decide to not wait longer than 15 minutes, then the booking will be treated in the same way as a late cancellation, where you will still be paid if it’s a pre-paid job, as per our Terms.
  • All airport bookings are assumed to be 'meet & greet'; your Driver must wait inside the Terminal (at a particular point, if indicated in the booking) holding a sign with the Passenger's name on it.
  • For return trips, where the outbound and return trips are up to 3 hours apart, the Driver should wait at the destination to return the Passenger(s) to the original pickup point. The booking price will include the cost of the Driver’s time, based on the waiting rate you’ve set in the ‘My pricing’ page.
  • If you are unsure of the pickup point specified in the booking, you can contact the customer directly using their email address or mobile number