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About us

Backed by O2, the mobile operator, minicabit enables people to book your cabs in real-time, for local & long distancesdistance trips using our website or mobile app. Customers often take MiniCabs for trips up to, say, 20 miles; but for out of town trips of, say 50 miles or more to concerts, matches, meetings etc., they often think a cab would be too pricey or too much hassle to organise.

That’s where minicabit can help. Our online service can bring you bookings for local and out of town jobs at no extra cost to you. Assuming you are a currently licensed Private Hire Operator with minimum 5 cars in your fleet, and have constant access to our emails and our website, you can register your Private Hire Taxi business on this website (for free). This way, customers can book you for cash and pre-paid work without you having to bid for jobs, pay monthly fees.

With minicabit :

  • You completely control and set the prices you want to charge the customer, and you can alter your prices as often as you want.
  • There's no minimum length contract, so you can try us out without any tie-ins
  • You can receive a mix of cash work, where the customer pays your driver, or account work where the customer has paid us and we pay you after the trip is completed. Where we owe you a net payment, we pay direct into your bank account 7 days after pickup on the following Monday
  • We only take a 12% commission which you can add or include in your rates, so we only make money when you do!
  • We can pass you high value bookings you just wouldn’t get on the phone. For instance, we can present your business for out of town pickups coming back into your area on a pre-paid basis
  • Customers can book min. 30 minutes to 12 months’ in advance, so it won’t impact the instant jobs you might be getting on the phone
  • No need to bid for jobs. The rates you enter on this website are used to automatically generate real-time quotes without your Controller having to do anything!
  • You’ll need to provide mileage (£ per mile) rates which you can use our (free) mileage calculator to see what rates work. However, you can also provide competitive, fixed prices to gain more bookings for any destinations you expect to be popular e.g. airports, concert arenas, tourist attractions, conference venues
  • No need to download or install any anything. We'll update you every time a customer has booked your car, by both email and when you're logged into this website, where the 'My dashboard' page shows you all that's going on. You can easily allocate drivers and cars for a particular job, and our website will take care of updating the customer by email and SMS (at no cost to you).
  • Customers can rate your driver and your business after each trip, so you can get real feedback on which drivers need a pat on the back or a word in their ear
  • We only accept currently licensed UK Private Hire Operators and drivers, so you'll be in good company!

So why not give us a try?

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